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Business Torts and Unfair Competition





In today’s competitive business environment, preventing unfair competition and protecting proprietary information can be a challenge for businesses. Companies employing improper methods to secure advantages over rivals face potential liability. The Law Offices of Alwyn H. Luckey has a wealth of experience helping clients compete for business and employees, while minimizing exposure to liability. When a business has been damaged by the unlawful acts of a competitor, former employee or other party, our attorneys works with clients to recover damages and recapture their position in the marketplace. Our group also defends businesses against competitive claims of wrongful conduct to get a leg up in that same marketplace.


The Law Offices of Alwyn H. Luckey has extensive experience in a wide array of matters relating to the law of business torts and unfair competition including cases involving:


  • Noncompetition, nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreements

  • Tortious interference with contract/business relations

  • Trade secrets

  • Lanham Act claims

  • Duty of loyalty

  • Fiduciary duties

  • Employee and customer raiding

  • Trade libel/product disparagement

  • Fraud/misrepresentation

  • Duty of good faith and fair dealing

  • Injunctive and equitable relief

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