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Product Liability Litigation




With product liability litigation on the rise, along with the risk to manufacturers, distributors and retailers of significant monetary exposure, it is critical for companies to secure representation of attorneys experienced in defending large, complex suits involving serious personal injuries. The Law Offices of Alwyn H. Luckey has a long history of strongly defending product liability claims on a regional and national basis. Our firm is expert in handling single plaintiff or complex, multidistrict class-action claims and mass tort litigation.  Areas within our Product Liability practice include:


  • Asbestos, Silica and Toxic Tort Litigation

  • Drug and Device Litigation

  • Machinery and Recreational Product Litigation


Our clients include manufacturers, distributors and service providers from a broad range of industries, including aviation, automotive and truck, firearms, agricultural chemicals and industrial chemicals. We handle cases involving a wide array of products, including recreational products, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, personal watercraft boats, industrial machinery, hand tools, hand tool vibration cases, asbestos, silica, benzene, metal working fluids, tires, oil and gas product equipment and many other industrial and consumer products. Our firm regularly counsels clients on product safety and regulatory compliance matters, and we represent clients in manufacturer product safety recall cases.


We have assembled an extensive national network of experts and consultants in an array of relevant disciplines who contribute to the defense of our clients. Our firm has the background and hands-on experience to work with design engineers and operators in the field to mount the best possible defense before and during trial.


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