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Drug and Device Litigation




The pharmaceutical and medical device industries face difficult challenges on a daily basis—an unpredictable economy, lawsuits involving hundreds or thousands of claimants, regulatory challenges, and investigations to name a few.  The Law Offices of Alwyn H. Luckey is often called upon to serve as local, regional or national counsel in drug and medical device litigated matters and to help our clients navigate these challenges.


Leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies trust our firm with their legal needs based upon our successful outcomes in the courtroom and in all phases of litigation, coupled with our focus on client satisfaction. We have taken leading roles in pharmaceutical litigation involving a prescription osteoporosis prevention and treatment drug, treatment for male pattern baldness, prescription cholesterol medication, prescription anti-inflammatory, prescription anti-biotic, prescription blood thinner, prescription acne medication, prescription hypertension medication, diet drugs, PPA, HRT, birth control, over the counter pain relievers, prescription heartburn medication, vaccines for primary immunodeficiency diseases, prescription colitis medication, oral diabetes medication, antipsychotic medication, DPT vaccines, influenza vaccines and prescription painkillers.  On the medical device side, our firm has taken leading roles in litigation involving gynecological mesh, mammary implants, pain pumps, hip replacements, dialyzers, mechanical heart valves and IUDs.

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