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Commercial Litigation




The Law Offices of Alwyn H. Luckey handles a wide array of complex disputes arising from contract and business arrangements for a broad range of businesses nationwide. Our experience encompasses a wide range of commercial disputes, including business and shareholder disputes, real estate and oil and gas litigation, insurance claims and coverage, director and officer liability and failed financial institution litigation, breach of contract, breach of warranty, consumer protection, unfair competition, UCC and sales litigation, administrative bid protests, RICO, securities and bankruptcy cases, as well as related class actions.


We recognize that businesses generally need to stay out of court and often need to conclude the matter as quickly as possible; therefore, we immediately focus on our clients’ business goals. When litigation is avoidable, we work with our clients to negotiate or engage in alternative dispute resolution to reach an expeditious and effective solution.


We have been lead class or mass action counsel for a wide array of clients across a broad range of industries.  Representative types of antitrust and franchising cases that we handle include, class actions, complex distribution issues, civil and criminal price fixing cases and monopolization and attempted monopolization disputes.

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