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General Litigation




Joining our knowledge and experience with a thorough knowledge of our clients’ businesses and legal objectives, The Law Offices of Alwyn H. Luckey defend our clients’ interests vigorously in and out of the courtroom.


Our commitment to resolving disputes in a timely and effective manner at minimum expense is often accomplished through alternative fee arrangements.


We defend tort litigation against companies doing business throughout the United States. We represent companies in a broad range of industries, including financial institutions, manufacturers, retailers and professional services. We also work with self-insured clients, companies defending litigation under a large SIR and major insurers and claim administration companies.


Our firm is licensed to practice and have tried cases before state and federal trial courts and appellate courts throughout the country. Our reputation for successful outcomes serves our clients well during settlement negotiations.


Our firm defends an array of litigation matters, including:


  • Trucking and automobile accident cases

  • Commercial and industrial premises liability

  • Workplace accidents and exposure claims

  • Medical and other professional negligence

  • Alleged business and consumer fraud

  • Breach of warranty or lemon law claims

  • Insurance “Bad faith”

  • Other torts such as false arrest malicious prosecution

  • Suits based on alleged statutory violations, including civil rights claims, discrimination and RICO

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